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      2023-01-05 IBK투자증권 큐리언트 분석 리포트
      2022-12-01 신한투자증권 큐리언트 분석 리포트
      2022-11-08 한경바이오인사이트 22년 11월 커버스토리-큐리언트
      2022-10-13 한경바이오인사이트 22년 10월 핫컴퍼니-큐리언트
      2022-08-22 큐리언트 텔레그램 채널 오픈 안내
  • Press Release

      2023-02-03 Qurient Co. Ltd. and TB Alliance Announce Exclusive L...
      2023-02-03 큐리언트, 국제기구에 다제내성 결핵치료제 기술수출
      2023-01-31 큐리언트, ‘면역항암제+키트루다’ 1b/2상 “첫 환자투약”
      2023-01-30 Qurient Announces Dosing of First Patient in Q702 in ...
      2023-01-19 혁신형 제약기업 47곳 선정…큐리언트·지아이이노베이션 등 추가
  • Company

    Founded in 2008, Qurient takes a pioneering position in the newly emerging biotech industry in Korea. Qurient introduced a unique virtual biotech model, running R&D operations not only in clinical development phases, but also in early discovery research stage, named ‘Network R&D’ model.See More

  • Business philosophy

    Innovation for unmet medical needs

    Qurient’s mission is to provide innovation for unmet medical needs to help patients around the world. Through fulfilling the mission, Qurient will be able to create concrete value for its shareholders. See More

  • Pipeline

    Qurient portfolio plan aims to achieve balanced innovation by strategic positioning of the R&D programs.See More

  • IR/PR

    Dear Qurient shareholders

    Qurient would like to share brief updates on current progress made on its portfolio programs. See More

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