QurientBusiness Philosophy


Business Philosophy


Innovation for unmet medical needs Qurient’s mission is to provide innovation for unmet medical needs to help patients around the world. Through fulfilling the mission, Qurient will be able to create concrete value for its shareholders.

Business model

Network R&D : Cost effective R&D enable first-in class Development
Open Innovation based on Project management
Qurient has introduced ‘Network R&D’ model, a unique research and development model aiming to achieve ‘capital efficient innovation’.
The ‘Network R&D’ model focuses on maintaining minimum core research capabilities in-house, while securing external research and development network that can be incorporated into R&D program as needed. Network R&D also encourages open innovation, which both internal and external researches join forces and share risks in achieving a common goal of new drug development.
Qurient was able to bring two drug candidates to global clinical development stage and to successfully run three preclinical programs since its inception with less than 20 staff on average. This remarkable achievement speaks for itself how capital efficient innovation is possible.

Early Discovery / Late Discovery to clinical POC / Commercial Development
  • FlEx DDS(Facilitate, Liaise, Execute Drug Development System)
  • PEAT(Pivotal Efficacy Assesssment Technology)
  • WMC(Warhead Medicinal Chemistry)
  • QPMS(Qurient Project Management System)
  • QDMS (Qurient Data Management System)
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